What Devices Are The Best For VR Videos?

Virtual reality is a technological novelty that attracts huge attention today. Investors are ready to invest money into it, numerous industries look for ways to implement it into their practices or services, other businesses test it for their benefits, and thousands of people actually want to experience this amazing type of immersion entertainment offered by the modern digital breakthrough.

In addition to playing VR games or watching exploration videos somewhere in big shopping malls or entertainment centers, you are able to actually buy a VR device for individual use and watch videos in Vr at home, without being bothered by anybody and without paying for each session additionally. If you count the price, eventually it is cheaper to buy own device to use at home than pay each time in the entertainment center. If you find out you do not like it that much, you can always resell it easily.

Pay attention that it is not so easy to find a lot of VR videos online, so if you like playing video games, find a resource where you will be able to find new content each time. If you want exploration or adventure movies, look for websites that create such kind of content. You should also remember that in 99,9%of cases these will be paid resources. VR is not that cheap to shoot, so businesses are not likely to provide this content for free.

The only free VR video content you can find without any problems is VR porn. Yup, really. The thing is, the majority of porn websites are free because they mostly make money from advertisement. So, you can go and find the most reliable and popular online porn platform that has VR sex videos category. You have to be ready that they will not provide new content very often. But at least you can access it for free!

Gadgets To Choose

Now, when you are aware of the options for VR video entertainment, you can choose your gadgets. The very first and the most affordable option is buying a VR DIY kit and use it with your phone. The DIY kit is a plastic or cardboard kit which you use to construct your primitive VR glasses. Then, you put your smartphone in front of the lens and enjoy the video. Of course, it does not provide so much isolation from outer distractions as a helmet does, and many users state that the quality of video and sound is not the best, but it is cheaper, and you do not need to buy a console for it.

The next and the most popular option is VR glasses. Some also work with a smartphone, for others it is better to watch videos on a laptop or PC, so check out the instruction.

The last option is VR helmets. These provide the highest quality and user experience, but they are costly and heavy. Buy them only if you are a passionate fan.

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