VR Sex Devices Evolution

Of course, there are still a lot of people who basically know nothing about the virtual reality technology and all that stuff, but generally, it can be said that it is hard to surprise the majority of those who are more or less aware of the technological progress. This type of devices exists and is available for the public since comparatively recently, but the history of these gadgets started almost together with the Internet – in the year 1991.


In 1991, the Sega VR company announced the development of virtual reality helmet, stirring intense interest from all parties involved. The prototype was seen once in 1993, but it has never been released for purchase by the public. There were two main reasons – it was not yet clear whether it is worth the money only for playing some Sega games. And the second reason was potential investors not seeing the practical application in other spheres.

In 1994, another similar device was announced, but it was not very popular, and the project failed to attract much attention from the wider public. However, in 1997, the Sony company eventually pioneered the industry and created the Glasstron that was the first to immerse the user into a digitally drawn reality of the game. Although it was a real breakthrough, the product was a commercial failure.

It must be underlined, though, that the majority of investor saw the potential of VR mostly for video games and, maybe, movies. No one had an aim to make gadgets for watching porn. However, the porn industry itself became interested in the innovation. Some genius marketologist suggested shooting sex videos in VR, offering online porn fans a huge leap into the enhanced user experience. Due to the impressive investment of porn industry into the development of VR, starting from 2012, the technology really started to gain momentum.

In 2012, Oculus Rift became a close dream come true reality due to the crowdfunding project. Several major video games developing companies worked on it, and in 2014 they already sold the rights for the device to Facebook for $2 billion. In 2016, an average user from any part of the world eventually got an opportunity to buy the first fully functioning virtual reality glasses. That could be used for watching porn as well.

After that, the number of projects for gadgets and the number of companies investing in VR started to pop up like mushrooms after the spring rain. From glasses they created cool the state of the art VR helmets, following the latest technological trends, adding more and more features, and enhancing the quality and user experience with each next model. Moreover, a bunch of accompanying industries started to develop around VR. For example, smartphone companies started to develop models of telephones that are already by default compatible with this or that VR gadget. Now the user can buy the devices at the same time and enjoy the highest quality, being totally sure that they both collaborate in perfect harmony.

The same with VR porn. Lots of websites offering only an excellent VR sex experience appeared; they collaborate with sellers of smartphones and devices for watching porn in VR, and some businesses started to develop sex robots to add to the illusion created by the VR. So this is a booming business.

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